Hedgehog Needlepoint

Lovi Tree Natural Wood 200cm *SPECIAL ORDER*


Hedgehog Needlepoint

Lovi Tree Natural Wood 200cm *SPECIAL ORDER*



It is such an honor and a privilege to partner with Lovi Oy. A company putting eco-friendly and sustainability practices to the forefront whilst producing beautiful long-lasting wooden creations.  As a former University of Oulu student, the Finnish tradition of environmental sustainability is not a surprise. Finns have always been and continue to be at the forefront of preserving their vast forests. Lovi replants every birch tree they use for production.  Moreover, all packages are plastic free. I hope you enjoy your gorgeous Lovi creations as much as I do and use them all year long.  

Lovi Tree 200cm / 6' 5":

Lovi tree 200cm stands upright, its round top reaching for the sky. Memories of Northern birch forests are stored in its straight, standing trunk. The curving branches carry tales of glistening sunrises with morning dew, warm summer days, and the quiet hum of the gentle breeze blowing the treetops. Lovi Tree is a wonderful addition to the interior of your home, an eye-catcher and a great decoration for various occasions. 


Lovi Tree 200cm is delivered to your home in a flat package. The convenient packaging withstands transport well and, if necessary, you can store the wooden parts in a box in their assigned places.

The diameters of the top and bottom are 102cm and 51cm, respectively. The tree has 24 parts that are placed in numerical order. Assembly instructions are included in the package. The tree retains its shape thanks to a unique, patented joint.


Package size / weight:

  • 105 x 71 x  13cm / 12kg

Color: Natural Wood

Material: Eco-friendly Finnish birch plywood

Hand painted with water based, non-toxic toy paint. Natural wood material is seen through the thin paint layer.

Made in Finland. Plastic free. Gift box -like package with illustrated instructions. Patented. Design: Anne Paso

Ornaments not included.

Only Available Through Hedgehog Needlepoint